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Barranca Peru

Barranca in Peru is now part of the bus network.

Caral is a large settlement in the Supe Valley, near Supe, Barranca province, Peru, some 200 km north of Lima

New Citymaps for Panama

Citymaps for Colón, Las Lajas, Las TablasChitréBoqueteChanguinola,   AlmiranteGamboa, Isla Taboga, and Aguadulce have been introduced or updated.


View from the Park, Colón

New Nicaragua citymaps

New citymaps for Boaco, Bluefields, Camoapa, El Sauce, Jalapa, Mulukuku, Muy Muy, Ocotal, Puerto Cabezas, Rosita, San Carlos and Siuna.


 Bluefields Bay waterfront home

Bluefields Bay waterfront home